Almach Protectorate

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Formed in 2564 by the Treaty of Whythe at the conclusion of the Almach War, the Almach Protectorate is a Skrellian collaboration government consisting of the systems of Whythe, Vounna and Angessa's Pearl, with a military presence in the technically-neutral Relan Federation. It took the place of the earlier Almach Association, a seccessionist alliance that existed from February 2562 until April 2564.


The Almach Protectorate Government is made up of individuals selected to represent their systems by the Far Kingdoms Skrell, primarily 'Skrell-friendly' members of the region's pre-war governments in order to minimise disruption to daily life. Though the APG oversees most day-to-day government tasks, the organization is ultimately headed up by the Far Kingdoms themselves, and are required to act under a subset of Skrellian law. Similarly, member states lack any military autonomy, and are heavily occupied by the powerful Far Kingdoms fleet.

Science and Technology

Under the terms of the Treaty of Whythe, the Almach Protectorate does not have to fully conform to the Five Points of Human Sanctity. However, all research is performed under the strict supervision of Skrellian superiors and regular SCG inspections are in place to ensure that the Protectorate is not committing 'severe' violations (typically extreme genetic modification, and new development of emergent intelligences) and that Almachi technology is not entering the wider galaxy in a dangerous manner.