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Anshar, Volcanic Moon
Planet Anshar.png
Name Anshar
Class Moon
Mass 0.04 Earths
Radius 0.30 Earths
Rotational Period 5 days
Gravity .49 gs
Distance from Star 372,000km
Orbital Period 15 days
Orbitting Bodies Orbits Kishar
Discovery Date August 2016
Surface Pressure Negligible
Surface Temperature 61C
Ruling Bodies SolGov

Anshar is a young, geologically active moon with a powerful magnetosphere. Its magnetosphere is responsible for protecting Kishar from the fierce solar wind of Proxima Centauri, but its huge size and close orbit also causes the dust storms that have worn the planet's surface to nothing.

Anshar hosts most of the industry of the Kishar-Anshar orbital system, being much richer in metal than its host planet. The relationship between the Anshari and the Kishari is close and economically symbiotic.


Anshar is a rough sphere of gray rock, pockmarked by volcanos. Many of these volcanoes are actively erupting, spewing metal-rich molten rock onto the planet's surface and hot gas into space. Some of this ejecta is recaptured by Kishar, enriching its atmosphere and surface. Some regions are relatively free from these eruptions, with smooth rock plains lying next to extinct shield volcanos, and these plateaus tend to be where settlements are found.


With ambient conditions just barely better than Io's prisons, much care is taken to ensure the safety and stability of Anshar's factories. They are often tall arcologies with wide networks of supports, rendering them virtually earthquake-proof. Travel between factory buildings is done exclusively by orbital or sub-orbital rocket, with air too thin for helicopters and ground too unstable for trains. These arcologies lend themselves to small, cramped dwellings and compact factory floors.


Because of its horrible living conditions, Anshar's population has remained at just barely over 30,000. It has an ethnographic makeup similar to Kishar's and is just as human.

Industry and Economy

Anshar is reliant on imports of just about everything from Kishar, and exports raw metal and finished products almost exclusively. The conditions on Anshar are often used by engineering and architecture students on Kishar to simulate hellish conditions on any number of exoworlds, and Anshar's unusual geology is a subject of study for many geologists and astronomers throughout the galaxy.


The habitats of Anshar were originally controlled by Kishari national interests, but over time were acquired by the Anshar Mining Corporation, which after a merger in 2469 became a part of Xion Manufacturing Group. Management by Xion has seen a significant increase of productivity, and a significant decrease of living standards.

Notable Locations

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