Bishop Cybernetics

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What Is It?


Bishop’s focus is on high-class, stylish cybernetics. A favorite among transhumanists (and a bête noire for bioconservatives), Bishop manufactures not only prostheses but also brain augmentation, synthetic organ replacements, and odds and ends like implanted wrist-watches. Their business model tends towards smaller, boutique operations, giving it a reputation for high price and luxury, with Bishop cyberware often rivaling Vey-Med’s for cost. Bishop’s reputation for catering towards the interests of human augmentation enthusiasts instead of positronics have earned it ire from the Positronic Rights Group and puts it in ideological (but not economic) competition with Morpheus Cyberkinetics.


Bishop is the other big-name prosthesis manufacturer. Despite their obviously mechanical appearance, Bishop products have a range of sensation rivaling that of Vey Medical, with proponents calling it even more comfortable and responsive. Simply occupying a Bishop chassis gives some the same sort of sensation one would get from a fast, well-maintained car or aircraft. Bishop products are most commonly sold in "boutiques" found throughout the richer regions of human space, and are custom-fit for the end-user's specifications.Externally, Bishop prosthetics have a chrome or airbrushed aluminum design, with carefully fitted blue lighting.

Due to their high price, Bishop prosthetics are only appropriate for Wealthy characters or particularly technophilic Well-off characters. "Knock-offs", usually chrome-plated Nanotrasen with painted-on lines, are sometimes worn by Underpaid or Average poseurs.