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Access: The Outpost, Sif
Additional Access: N/A
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisors: Head of Personnel
Duties: Explore the surface of Sif. Tame the wilderness. Die horribly to creatures bigger than you.
Guides: N/A
Quote: Coming Soon

An Explorer is someone who visits the Outpost deep in northern Sif, doing an assortment of tasks from hunting invasive species to discovering hidden places deep in the middle of nowhere.

Required knowledge: How to fire a weapon without hitting your friends.
Round-start to-do list: Turn on your GPS. Go meet the other Explorers and decide where to go looking. Get dressed in cold-resistant armor. Seriously go turn on your GPS.
Main tasks: Explore various locations outside the outpost, such as the plains surrounding it, the mountain caves to the north, or the untamed wilderness to the south.
Main problems: Your starting equipment won't get you far, however exploration can solve that.
Bare minimum requirements: Turn on your god damn GPS.

On the Frontier

The planet you'll be exploring is Sif, which compared to other planets like Magni or Tyr, is fairly tame. You won't need an internal air supply most of the time, however it is still chilly, so running outside with just a jumpsuit will probably make you regret that as you freeze to death.


Explorers are the best at exploring by virtue of being given some helpful equipment early on to make the process a lot easier.

Explorer Suit
Explorer Suit
Found in: Explorer Locker
Used for: Not freezing outside, starting armor.
Strategy: Stay warm and somewhat armored. It can hold your weapon in suit storage, as well.
A suit that is lightly armored, and can protect from the cold, similar to a winter coat. It has no slowdown, however it is inferior to the basic security vest in terms of protection from physical harm. Despite this, the suit covers the arms and legs, and boasts some decent environmental protection, so it is a decent protection starting out. Note that the suit will not protect you from fire or vacuum.

Explorer Hood
Explorer Hood
Found in: Attached to your Explorer Suit.
Used for: Not freezing outside, starting armor.
Strategy: Stay warm and somewhat armored.
An armored hood attached to the suit. You can toggle the hood by clicking a button on your HUD that looks like the suit. Similar to the suit, the hood protects from the cold and has modest armor.

Explorer Gas Mask
Explorer Gas Mask
Found in: Explorer Locker
Used for: Breathing when the atmosphere turns on you.
Strategy: Bring oxygen tanks with you so you can use internals.
A fancy looking gas mask, it functions just like the regular ones you can find on the station. If it gets too cold to breathe or something toxic is in the air, you can attach an internal air supply to these. Otherwise wearing this might make you look like a tool.

Explorer Winter Boots
Explorer Winter Boots
Found in: Explorer Locker
Used for: Keeping your toes warm and uncrushed.
Strategy: Stay warm and somewhat armored. Keep your Survival Knife inside to save space in your bag.
Shoes that protect from the cold. These are also slightly more protective than the regular variant.

Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System
Found in: Explorer Locker
Used for: Tracking you in the event of an emergency, to go find someone else carrying this, or to follow strange, dangerous signals.
Strategy: Turn it on and leave it in your bag. Follow it to the Outpost if you get lost.
A nifty device that can save your life, or at least help the station find your chilled body. When turned on, it broadcasts a signal to all other GPS units, as well as displays signals it receives. Sometimes you may see a strange signal coming from somewhere outside the Outpost, that looks distinct from the other normal signals, however following them may be foolish until you have a lot of powerful equipment. Make sure to turn your GPS on!

Survival Knife
Survival Knife
Found in: Explorer Locker
Used for: Butchering animals, cleaning hides, cutting trees down slowly, desperate last stands.
Strategy: Leave it inside your boot. Take it out by clicking on your boots when needed.
A knife that looks tough, and can fit in your boot. Useful for butchering wildlife you hunted, or as an emergency weapon, however it should not be relied upon as a primary weapon.

Places To See

There's currently three distinct places you can travel to, listed below. You can move between them by going to a specific area on the map to transition to them.

Southern Cross

A logistics station ran by Nanotrasen servicing various places. You might start here and have to catch a shuttle to Sif proper, or you may choose to travel there to get more supplies or take a break.

An important thing to note; Do not bring your weapons onboard, or else Security will be very upset and will probably take them away from you.


Where you will likely be in the beginning, to get your basic equipment. It is connected to the Southern Cross by a shuttle route.

It may be wise to return there if the weather suddenly gets really bad, like a blizzard.


The plains is the area surrounding the outpost, and is mostly flat, with some trees and a few rivers going through it. There is also a shoreline to the east. It is very safe, and the only thing that can pose a threat to you here is the weather, which can be protected from by wearing proper clothing. There are some interesting things you can find here, if you are persistent enough.


To the north of the plains are some mountains, which have a lot of caves carved into them, both by humans and by nature. Shaft Miners and Xenoarcheologists work there to unearth shiny treasures.

The caves are very dark, and you will need a flashlight or other light source in order to see. Spare device cells might also be a good idea to bring if your source of light uses them. A stack of marker beacons is also very helpful to bring, as you can make a trail of light with them, as otherwise it is easy to get lost inside the twisting caves. A mining drill can allow you to make your own path if needed.

The caves are somewhat less safe than the plains, as you may find things able to hurt you, however you should still be okay. This risk increases the farther north you go, however the reward might be greater as well.


To the north of the mountains is the wilderness, which is much, much more hazardous to you than the mountains, and is separated by a large walk in-between it and the base. The region was not always this hazardous, but now it hosts a large number of dangerous wildlife, some foreign to Sif, as well as other surprises. Pilots can fly to this region directly, in their shuttles.

You should not go to the Wilderness immediately after leaving the outpost, since you will likely get injured or killed with the gear you have. Instead, you should go explore the other regions first, hopefully finding better equipment to help you. Otherwise you could return to the Southern Cross to trade for things to help you. Regardless, the wilderness is the most dangerous region you can go to, so bring some buddies if you can.

A river divides the wilderness in half. The northern side of the river is even more dangerous south of this river, so beware.

Game Tips

  • Turn on your GPS, and give it a unique tag. Turn your suit sensors on fully, too.
  • Don't go to the wilderness first. Check out the plains and the caves first, so you can get better equipment.
  • If going into the caves, bring a stack of marker beacons and make a trail behind you as you go, so you can follow it back. You can set a specific color with alt-clicking the stack.
  • Discretion is the better part of valor. If you find a place that's super-deadly, there is no shame in leaving it. It'll be there if you decide to come back, perhaps with better equipment, a big gun, and a bunch of bored security officers.
  • Consider the above when fighting something that isn't an animal, such as a robot or human, as your starting gun is less effective against them unless you get regular ammunition for it.
  • Leather from animals, and cloth from sheared diyaabs, can both be used to make crude bandages, to stave off blood loss.

Jobs on Polaris

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Command Station Director, Head of Personnel, Command Secretary
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective
Engineering Chief Engineer, Station Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Paramedic, Chemist, Psychologist
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist, Xenobiologist
Supply Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Exploration Explorer, Pilot
Civilian Assistant, Janitor, Bartender, Chef, Botanist, Chaplain, Librarian, Internal Affairs
Synthetic AI, Robot, Maintenance Drone, Personal AI
Antagonists Traitor, Changeling, Mercenary, Raider, Infiltrator, Cultist, Technomancer, Ninja, Revolutionary, Loyalist
Special Emergency Response Team, Trader, Renegade