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What is it?

Hedberg-Hammarstrom is a Sif-based firearms manufacturer and private security corporation founded in 2509 in a joint effort of wealthy hunting enthusiast Roar Hedberg and investor Vilde Hammarstrom. As of 2556 the company is headed by Vilde's son, Gunnar Hammarstrom.

The company is best known for its range of high-quality, high-cost hunting rifles and shotguns designed with the Sivian wilderness - and its wildlife - in mind. While the company operates just one large production plant in the city of Kalmar, their weapons have found popularity on garden worlds as far afield as the Tajaran homeworld due to their excellent build quality, precision, and stopping power.

Since 2556, the company has expanded into private security services and has become one of the largest corporations based out of the Vir system, providing arms and security for a wide range of local clients, both private and government.