Isavau's Gamble

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System Isavau.png
Name Isavau's Gamble
Stellar Class L-type star system
Orbiting Bodies 0
Discovery 2350
Colonized 2440
Government SolGov Protectorate
Distance from Sol 98ly

A dull red star without a single planet to its name, Isavau's Gamble was fated to be ignored by land speculators and miners alike, were it not for how close it is to the anarcho-capitalist haven of Eutopia. Venture capitalist Isavau Ortiz purchased colonization rights to the system in 2440, renaming it after herself and financing the construction of a large spaceport designed to facilitate trade with the upstart nation. Between SolGov tightening tariffs to exert pressure on Eutopia, a variety of labor disputes, and Isavau's own increasingly erratic behavior, Isavau's Gamble failed to pay off. Today, the Isavau International Spaceport is poorly maintained and runs at only about 10% capacity.


With no planets to even consider colonizing and a failure of a spaceport, Isavau's Gamble is known for, if known at all, a collection of various small stations orbiting the star. With their remote location and lack of notable governing bodies, these stations commonly facilitate illegal activities such as smuggling.


The population of Isavau's Gamble largely consists of smugglers, SolGov customs officials, and unfortunate citizens with no means of moving elsewhere. The estimated population sits roughly around 6,340, with a large transient population as opposed to permanent residents, and is populated by a majority of humans and positronics. Tajaran are not uncommon, and unscrupulous skrellian pirates are known to pass through. The Golden Tiger Syndicate maintains significant influence on the region.

Notable Locations

Isavau International Spaceport

The most notable point in the system, Isavau International Spaceport is the failed vanity project and trading port of Isavau Ortiz. Tariffs, labor disputes, and bizarre management ensured its failure, leaving it as nothing more than a poorly maintained symbol of hubris.

ILS Harvest Moon

Formerly an auxiliary warehouse station, the ILS Harvest Moon came into the spotlight in 2564 after its total destruction under strange circumstances. Official statements say the structure collapsed due to a detonation of fuel stores from a botched Vox raid, however rumors have come forward suggesting strange events that do not line up with the official record.


2440: System colonization rights purchased by Isavau Ortiz. Planned construction of Isavau International Spaceport begins.

2444: Spaceport completed. Despite hopeful beginnings, clear issues in management are hinted even now.

2564: The ILS Harvest Moon is lost. Later in the same year, the XIV Sri Chamarajendra and IIV Reimarus are lost in potential pirate attacks while on salvage operations on abandoned facilities, including the ILS Harvest Moon.