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Isavau's Gamble

System Isavau.png

Human rimworld
98ly from Sol
A dull red star without a single planet to its name, Isavau's Gamble was fated to be ignored by land speculators and miners alike, were it not for how close it is to the anarcho-capitalist haven of Eutopia. Venture capitalist Isavau Ortiz purchased colonization rights to the system in 2440, renaming it after herself and financing the construction of a large spaceport designed to facilitate trade with the upstart nation. Between SolGov tightening tariffs to exert pressure on Eutopia, a variety of labor disputes, and Isavau's own increasingly erratic behavior, Isavau's Gamble failed to pay off. Today, the Isavau International Spaceport is poorly maintained and runs at only about 10% capacity.