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What Is It?

The only large corporation run by positronic intelligences, Morpheus caters almost exclusively to their sensibilities and needs. A product of the synthetic colony of Shelf, Morpheus eschews traditional advertising to keep their prices low and relied on word of mouth among positronics to reach their current economic dominance. Morpheus in exchange lobbies heavily for positronic rights, sponsors positronics through their Jans-Fhriede test, and tends to other positronic concerns to earn them the good-will of the positronics, and the ire of those who wish to exploit them. Morpheus is also known for a deeply sarcastic sense of humor, in part inspired by their Mercurial leanings.


Shelf is a massive Morpheus-run flotilla that typifies the corporation's culture, economic foci, and general attitude. As of early March 2562, Morpheus' Solar branches have begun to distance themselves from their Shelfican headquarters because of Shelf's participation in a legally gray secessionist movement.


One of the two TSCs most dependent on their prosthetic lines, Morpheus' design ethos sets them far apart from Bishop Cybernetics. Morpheus chassis are supposed to be the cheapest and most streamlined prosthetic bodies imaginable. Due to their minimalist construction methods, the chassis is often called 'skeletal' or 'insectoid', the parts often remaining unpainted, with wiring being run externally, rather than through the joints. Morpheus was also the first company to pioneer the now-popular "monitorhead" design, replacing time and material-intensive facial sculpting with a single mass-produced monitor.

Morpheus prosthetics are popular for positronic characters who are either Poor or Underpaid. Richer synthetics usually upgrade to a more aesthetically pleasing design, while most humans find the distinctly inhuman sensory response from Morpheus products unnerving.