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Rarkajar is the home system of the Tajaran race, and the focus of their activities in space. Rarkajar has ten planets in its orbit, five of them Jovian, and only one within its habitable band; Meralar itself.


A class A main sequence star, with blueish-white perceived light. Bigger and more luminous than Sol, but besides that just another celestial body with no special properties.


The closest planet to Rarkajar. A barren rock which is blasted and scorched by the rays of Rarkajar. This had led to a highly irregular shaped and glass-like surface, with deep canyons and huge hemispherical bubbles of solid rock.


Second planet and the biggest of the minor planets. Teeters on the edge of the Goldilocks Zone and was rumored to actually held extra-meralarian life, until Tajaran probes revealed it was never capable to hold such. Rich in ammonia and silicates.


Smallest of the inner planets. An unremarkable ball of of rigolite, it has a highly elliptical and irregular orbit, granting it the name "Night Wanderer" or "Thieves Tooth." Might be an exoplanet.


"Banded Pearl" in Old Selem. The home planet of the Tajarans, a terrestrial oxygen planet on the outer edge of the Goldilocks Zone, leading to lower surface temperatures. It is rich on resources to the point where it is theorized that the planet was originally two and they smashed/merged together. Supporting this theory, Meralar possesses a planetary ring of four to five layers, with no moon. The Meralar day is about 43 hours long. The planet is sort of chilly. There's lots of ocean, and a "tropical" belt that's roughly terran temperate. This belt covers a band of the south of the northern continent, and the northern coast of the southern continent (and a few islands and atolls, of course). Between the two is the only always-liquid portion of the planet's oceans, and it is heavily trafficked by traders and fishing ships. There is also an eastern continent that is relatively unexplored due to hostile natives. Much of the northern and southern continents have subarctic climates, and there are large polar ice caps at both poles.


"Big Pearl" in Old Selem. Keoalar is a relatively small giant visible with the naked eye to the Tajarans. It has decent supplies of Helium-3, making it an industrial asset to both Tajaran governments and Human Corporations.


"Sky's Eye" in Old Selem. A mid-sized gas giant, and one of the brightest non-stellar objects visible in the Meralaran night sky.


Mephir is the largest of the Jovian Planets, a Gas Giant rivaling the proportions of Jupiter. Its atmosphere is volatile and highly erratic, concentrating massive amounts of oxygen, hydrogen, water and carbohydrates. The human nickname is "Hell's Gates" due to its massive, sometimes seemingly never-ending firestorms.


The second largest planet of the system, Aipira has recently achieved scientific interest, as traces of liquid Phoron were found near its core. Actual exploitation and study proves to be hard, as the various Tajaran nations stubbornly refuse extended access to Aipira's orbit to any outside interests.


A comparatively small Jovian Planet, mainly made up of ammonia and nitrogen ices. It is only visible on the night sky at certain times and when using a telescope or other visual magnifying equipment.