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The Sol Economic Organization is the newest and most 'radical of the three major parties. Their support of the Shadow Coalition-backed government coalition keeps it in power, but most SEO supporters long for more political independence. The SEO is backed by every major Trans-Stellar Corporation with the exception of Vey Medical (who support the Shadow Coalition), and accusations of corruption are common. What it lacks in voter base, it makes up for in wealth, and its radical pro-technology free-market ideals are catching on quickly. Other parties accuse it of corruption and cronyism, but futurists and those seeking political independence are quick to flock to its banner.


The SEO formed in the wake of the SolGov-Hegemony war, and the unpopular peace settlement that rattled many warhawks outraged by Moghes' blatant imperialism. These warhawks found funding, allies, and support in the major TSCs, who saw a chance to involve themselves in politics to an unprecedented extent. The Sol Economic Organization was thus formed, with an outpouring of billions of thalers of support from corporate entities.

The SEO's greatest stratagem to date was claiming the Free Trade Union and Multinational Movement from the Shadow Coalition. This lent the consortium legitimacy and power enough to make it a serious contender for the Assembly majority. When Icarus lost the majority, the SEO joined with the Shadow Coalition as a kingmaker, and that involved a significant furthering of their aims, a massive return on investment.

Modern Times

Who Supports Them?

  • People from humanity's rimworlds, such as Nyx
  • Futurists who want the SEO's transformative technologies
  • Trans-Stellar employees, especially new positronics
  • The rich
  • People who oppose the hegemony of SolGov
  • People on the Human-Unathi border

Party Structure

The SEO is not a coalition, unlike the other two major parties. It is, literally, a business consortium run as a private corporation. Decisions are made according to proportional voting by the shareholders, who are overwhelmingly large Trans-Stellar Corporations. The largest shareholder is NanoTrasen, followed closely by Ward-Takahashi GMC.

The corporate nature of the SEO allows them to use the already existing advertising infrastructure employed by its membership in the creation of propaganda. Furthermore, as by far the richest party, the SEO is able to literally manufacture voters, spurring a new wave of positronic creation in corporate towns throughout the galaxy. While these positronics are free to vote as they please (and tampering with their imprinting in such a way to promote party loyalty is illegal), they are overwhelmingly raised in an environment that will lead to them voting for the SEO. It is the creation of positronic worker-voters, and the existence of corporate oligarchies are SolGov member states, that gives the SEO such a wide reach.