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Unknown Planet.png

A Place
A planet

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Strictly speaking this can be used for everything to emulate the Dokuwiki style. Planets, systems, companies etc.

Combine with Template:PlanetBoxHolder to create a repeatable 2x1 grid.


|name =
|titlecol =
|backcol =
|link =
|image =
|subheading =
|smalldesc =
|desc =


  • name - Name to appear at the top of the box
  • image - the filename of the main image
  • titlecol - Background colour of the title bar, defaults blue. Can be an RGB hexidecimal value or a predefined named colour.
  • backcol - Background colour of the box, defaults pale blue
  • link - The page to link to
  • subheading - The epithet or broad descriptor
  • smalldesc - Briefly what this is
  • desc - A full description.



Planet Earth.png

A real cool place to live
Human homeworld
Earth is the birthplace of mankind and remains the true heart of economic, cultural, and political influence - the pearl of both the Sol System and Humanity as a whole.