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Human Genetic Template 24-75-D is the official title for a subset of humanity, genetically engineered for certain traits, and frequently grown at an accelerated pace in specialized tubes, hence the moniker Vatborn. While the Five Points prohibit more extreme modification, their various interpretations do allow for some minor changes. The most common Vatborn Template has only a few distinct differences from the baseline human, the most obvious being a lower amount of melanin. Less obvious is the lack of an appendix, and an accelerated metabolism, which is an unforeseen side effect of the changes made to allow vat-growth.


Vatborn are present throughout SolGov space in a variety of roles and communities. Catalog Babies, vat-grown children made to order by rich families and corporate executives, live throughout the galaxy, especially in humanity's core systems. Aside from these, most Vatborn population centers are space habitats populated entirely by Vatborn, most of which eschew traditional reproduction in favor of the vats. These habitats tend to be culturally insular, sometimes religiously or philosophically zealous, and as self-sufficient as possible. One prominent, large-scale example of these Vatborn communes is Angessa's Pearl in the Almach Rim, where "community children" are produced at industrial rates and indoctrinated in the planet's unique philosophy.


Vat-growing humans is legal in SolGov space and Vatborn are de jure and often de facto free and equal citizens. Some argue that the practices of Angessa's Pearl and other Vatborn communes demean the value of the individual and should be banned on moral grounds, but because of the close connections between corporations, politicians, and Catalog Babies, none of these measures have come to pass. There does exist a lingering undercurrent of resent and apprehension towards the practice because of its relationship with illegal human modification programs, and because the most high-profile Vatborn are Catalog Babies associated with wealth and excess. Nonetheless, Vatborn are a fairly readily accepted element of humanity and most regard their existence as just a fact of life.