Vir Interstellar Spaceport

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Name Vir Interstellar Spaceport (V.I.S.)
Class Orbital Spaceport
Owner Vir Governmental Authority
Constructed 2483 - 2485
Parent Body Vir - Sif
Purpose Refuelling - Planetary logistics - Refitting/Repairs - Trading - Passenger terminal

The Vir Interstellar Spaceport is a large facility in orbit of the planet Sif which handles the loading and unloading, refuelling, and general maintenance of large spacecraft. The position of the spaceport allows it to function not only as a key node for transport inside the Vir system, especially to and from the planet Sif, but also as a key stopping point interstellar craft travelling via Vir which need refuelling. The station itself is mostly designed around its logistical and commercial needs, and although other strategically-placed nearby facilities owned by a mixture of corporations and entities may possess habitation space, the port itself is not designed to be a living habitat - its proximity to the surface of Sif makes transport of people and materials to and from the facility and the planet via shuttle extremely cost-efficient.

The main structure is owned by the Vir Governmental Authority, but individual offices, docking/loading bays, and warehouses are often leased to individuals or organisations.

The spaceport operates its own Space Traffic Control system, with port-bypassing traffic instead making use of the NLS Southern Cross's automated control systems.

Nanotrasen's Holdings

Like many other large transtellar corporations (as well as some of the comparatively smaller intra-stellar major players in Vir) Nanotrasen owns a small administrative office aboard the spaceport, as well as a number of docking bays, and uses it as a vital hub of communications and logistics to direct their in-system assets, especially as a link to the NCS Northern Star. Shuttles departing the Northern Star proceed directly from the station's location in Kara's asteroid belt to the spaceport. Due to the distance of Kara from Sif, this generally only takes a matter of minutes. NanoTrasen's docking bays also offer connecting flights to most orbital work stations, including the NLS Southern Cross, and services most employees commuting from the planet's surface.

Like many corporate interests in Vir, NanoTrasen typically bypasses the V.I.S when transporting people or cargo directly between their own in-system facilities, and it primarily acts as a port of call for freight and passengers entering the system from elsewhere.