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File:System Whythe.png
Name Whythe
Affiliation Almach Association
Stellar Class Red Giant
Orbiting Bodies None
Colonized 2467
Goverment Whythe Worker's Council
Distance from Sol 142ly

Whythe is a red giant that was home to a worker-run deutrium extraction plant before the Gray Hour. Its people are close-knit and insular. It has since become home to a large Association construction project of unknown purpose, believed to be a large fleet base.


Whythe has no planets and a marginal debris field, but a significant number of orbitting comets. Unusually for stars inhabited by humanity, it is a giant star, one that has cooled and balooned massively. Most such stars are subject to a large amount of tachyon flux; Wythe is not, for unknown reasons.


Before the Gray Hour, the only infrastructure of note was the small mining station of Whythe Alpha. It is now home to a dizzying array of Almachi freighters and construction ships, including a significant portion of Shelf. Most installations are self-sufficient, powered by light from Whythe or by somewhat outdated deutrium fusion engines. Whythe Alpha's spaceport is large enough to service exactly one ship at a time; it has likely been expanded significantly in the past year.


Whythe's population once sit comfortably at 1018, roughly divided between humans and positronics. Current population figures are unknown.

Industry and Economy

Whythe once subsisted on selling fuel to other groups in the Almach Rim, especially Shelf. When completed, however, the rumored Wythe Fleet Base might well outclass Iserlohn and Jahan's Post in SolGov.


Whythe is run by the Worker's Council, a direct democracy. Most Whythians are deeply involved in the minutiae of station politics, regardless of how petty it might seem to outsiders. It is unknown exactly how willing the close-knit commune was to host such a massive construction project, or how well the Worker's Council will be able to manage the influx of workers acompanying it.

Notable Locations

Whythe Alpha

A "Tin can" habitat bought after Friedrich Whythe won the lottery and decided to escape from modern life. It is cramped but outfit with all the things one needs to have a good life. Harvesters dangle into the photosphere of Whythe, refineries on the Whytheward side of the station strip deutrium, the reactor burns the less-valuable protium and oxygen to produce water that feeds farms further up.

Whythe Construction

One of the most ambitious construction projects in recent memory orbits Whythe alongside Whythe Alpha. Its nature is unknown, but its size is absolutely enormous.


2465: Friedrich Whythe, a Bowler and Xion-employed miner, wins a company lottery. He immediately quits his job. 2466: Whythe gathers various technical experts form throughout the Bowl and convinces them to start a new society with him. 2467: Whythe Alpha is towed into orbit around a distant star now called Whythe. 2538: Friedrich Whythe passes away, surrounded by friends and family. Feb. 2562: Whythe joins the Almach Association. Nov. 2562: Whythe Construction begins.