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Place Xequa.png

Ue'Katish flotilla
~700 ships
Operating in the lawless space between the Far Kingdoms and the Almach Rim, the pirates of Xe'Qua are far more brutal than their counterparts in Ue'Orsi. The Captains of the flotilla run a very tight ship and stop at nothing to keep their way of life intact in the face of fierce opposition by the Qerr of the Far Kingdoms. Xe'Qua is known to maintain a fairly functional relationship with local Vox, despite their mutual distrust and competition for the same resources. Some human xenoscientistss, seeking to prove one theory or another about the nature and origin of the Vox, have ventured to Xe'Qua in hopes of getting an honest answer out of the pirates. These scientists usually return disappointed, if they return at all, but much support for the Intergalactic Upwelling theory comes from the people of Xe'Qua.