Xion Manufacturing Group

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What Is It?

Xion, quietly, controls most of the market for industrial equipment. Their portfolio includes mining exosuits, factory equipment, rugged positronic chassis, and other pieces of equipment vital to the function of the economy. Xion keeps its control of the market by leasing, not selling, their equipment, and through infamous and bloody patent protection lawsuits. Xion are noted to be a favorite contractor for SolGov engineers, owing to their low cost and rugged design.


Xion's prosthetic designs are normally seen fairly rarely outside of Xion's extensive mining facilities, but have managed to proliferate because of the sheer number of positronics it creates and employs. Xion's limbs are cheap and rugged, but come with a number of drawbacks. Even positronic users complain about Xion's lack of sensitivity, but more problematic still is Xion's habit of leasing out their prosthetics as they do the rest of their equipment. Most people find the idea of not owning their own body extremely distressing, and because of this (and because Xion spearheads most anti-Unbranded lawsuits) Xion and Xion-like prosthetic designs are frequently available on pirate sites.

Xion prosthetics are most appropriate for Poor and Underpaid characters. More wealthy characters usually prefer something with better tactile response, as do characters whose jobs require precision work