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Injury is a fact of life. When your life is on the line, trust Zeng-Hu. From everyday accidents to life-threatening injuries1, our patented easy-use rapid-onset painkillers and powerful trauma management kits (containing DuraFleshTM, the industry's most reliable2 flesh nano-sealant) will keep you and your employees safe and stable, whenever and wherever you need to be.

- Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals advertising snippet, 2556

What Is It?

Zeng-Hu is an old TSC, based in Earth itself. Until the discovery of Phoron, Zeng-Hu maintained a stranglehold on the market for medications, and many household names are patented by Zeng-Hu-- Bicaridyne, Dylovene, and Tricordrazine all came from a Zeng-Hu medical laboratory. Zeng-Hu’s fortunes have been in decline as NanoTrasen’s near monopoly on Phoron research cuts into their R&D and Vey-Med’s superior medical equipment effectively decimated their own equipment interests. The three-way rivalry between these companies for dominance in the medical field is well-known and a matter of constant economic speculation.


Zeng-Hu produces most of the "lifelike" prosthetics on the market. Unfortunately for those looking to return to their lives after a catastrophic accident, Zeng-Hu only maintains its profit margins on this product line by cutting corners. Zeng-Hu synthskin is significantly thicker than human skin and has been described as "rubbery". Zeng-Hu bodies also have obvious seam lines at the joints to lessen the structural stress on the synthskin covering. Additionally, Zeng-Hu standard facial sculpts all look fairly similar, though custom orders often avoid this problem. Nonetheless, ZH parts are the only option most people have for lifelike prosthetic limbs, and are lifelike enough to pass for human to casual inspection.

Zeng-Hu is available to Average characters and is a popular choice for drones designed for social interaction, who will probably have been paid for by their creators.